Roy C. Johnston             12 March 2011

Dr. Roy C. Johnston  died  in  Lake  Charles, Louisiana, on 
March 12, 2011. Dr. Johnston was an employee of TI from the 
60's to 1981. He held 12 patents on sources used in seismic 
exploration.   Dr. Johnston  was  Professor  of  Mechanical 
Engineering at McNeese State University from 1990 until his 
retirement in 2007.

Therrill Valentine 


Thanks, Therrill,for sending the details about the death of Dr. Roy C. 
Johnston.  I am very sorry to hear that Roy died.  His name was in the 
In Memoriam list in the April TI Alumni eNews. 

I enjoyed working with Roy in the GSI Engineering Department. I recall 
being  the  technical  editor  for  Roy  on  an air gun paper that Roy 
presented to the European Association  of  Exploration  Geophysicists. 
The  EAEG  required  using  metric  measurements in papers, so all the 
numbers had to be converted. I had returned to GSI  after  working  in 
the  Consumer  Relations  Department  for  the  TI Calculator Division 
during one of GSI's economic downturns.  I had a SR-51 calculator that 
easily converted from feet to meters so this was a big help in getting 
the editing job done.

Another thing I remember about Roy was his going on sea tests  on  GSI 
ships to check out new air gun  equipment.  GSI ships were most likely 
to  be  available to the Engineering Department in mid-winter when the 
seas were rough and the vessels were not under  contract  to  clients. 
The  Dallas engineers were not accustomed to being at sea, and sailing 
under those conditions was especially uncomfortable for engineers like 
Roy who was subject to seasickness.

Roy was a fine man, who made many professional contributions.

Best regards,

Dot Adler