Robert J. Andersen      30 September 2010

Your card to my brother, Robert arrived yesterday and I  am
sorry  to  tell you that he passed away September 30th.  He
was in the hospital in Austin for  a  week  but, at 78, his
body just gave out. I stayed with him most of last year and
miss him so much.  I will be here until I get everything in
order, then return to Colorado.

I was fortunate to have been in Houston  for  some  of  his
parties where I met you and other great friends of his.

Robert  enjoyed  his  retirement  years  building his house West of La
Grange and working in his yard.  He would spend  summers  in  Colorado
with me.

Robert was born March 30, 1932 in  Ft. Lupton, Colorado.  He  attended
Denver schools until his junior year and graduated from Nederland High
School in 1950 in a class of two.  (My class  doubled  the  next  year
with four.)

He graduated from the  Colorado School of Mines in 1954 with a B.S. in
Geophysics.  While  he was with GSI he was in various locations in the
U.S. and Canada  from 1954 to 1957.  Party Chief, Dhofar, Saudi Arabia
from 1957 to 1967.  Supervisor; Colombia, Yugoslavia, England and
Houston, 1967 to 1972.  Mgr., Houston Exploration Services 1973 - 1975.
Sr. Geophysicist, Aminoil, 1976 - 1977.  Cities Service, (OXY) 1977 to
1989.  OXY Consultation services with OXY from Apr., 1992 to Dec. 1992.
Then, he really did retire.

Elenore Andersen


I had the pleasure of meeting Bob in 1966  as  my  immediate  boss  in
Dhahran, Saudi  Arabia.  Later  we  worked  together at Cities Service

He  was  always  very  quiet  but  a brilliant Geophysicist, I enjoyed
working with him. Roshan and I met Elenore at several of Bob's Houston
parties as Elenore mentions.  We kept in touch with Bob via exchanging
Christmas cards each year after he moved to La Grange area.

I am really sorry and will miss him.

Best regards,

Dave Agarwal