Raymond Lewis Fisher        1 February 2013

Ray Lewis Fisher passed away peacefully on Friday  the  1st
of February, 2013 in Houston, Texas. He was born on May 18,
1932  to William Jennings and Jonnie B. Fisher in Muskogee,
Oklahoma. Ray earned his BS, and MS degrees in physics from
Oklahoma State University and was a member of  the  Society
of Exploration Geophysicists.

Ray started his career on a seismic field  crew.  Later, he
worked in earthquake seismology becoming Worldwide  Manager  for  Pro-
cessing  Training for Geophysical Service, Inc.  He developed special-
ized training courses in both geology and  geophysics  for  GSI, (sub-
sequently Halliburton)  and  was relocated to Houston in 1989.  He co-
authored two books:  "Applied Seismology" and "Exploration Geophysics"
that are currently used as textbooks in  university  and  oil  company
training  programs.  In  addition  to  technical writing, Ray was well
known for his writing of beautiful poetry and design of greeting cards.

Ray enjoyed gardening, dancing, sports, symphony, opera, and  spending
time  with  family  and  friends.  He was an active member of Memorial
Drive United Methodist Church  where  he  served  on  the  Stewardship
Committee, Men of Action, was a Gold Star Graduate, and  attended  the
Probers Class.

Ray is survived by his loving wife of 24 years, Ileaine Fisher. He was
predeceased  by  his  parents, eldest  son  Jeffrey, brother  Clarence
Christian, and sister Billye Wrobel.  He is survived by children Brian
Fisher, Kevin Fisher, Rae Kathleen Abraham and husband  Satish.  He is
also survived by step -children Brian Bates, Rose Sumrall and  husband
Ben, Ileaine Cline and husband  Mike, eleven  grandchildren, and  four
great- grandchildren.

A memorial service celebrating Ray’s life will be held Monday, Feb. 11
at 2:00 PM in the Sanctuary of Memorial Drive United Methodist Church,
12955 Memorial Drive, in Houston with the Rev. Jim McPhail officiating.
Immediately following, all are invited to greet the  family  during  a
reception in the Fellowship Hall.

In lieu of customary remembrances, donations may be made  to  Memorial
Drive United Methodist Church, or the charity of your choice.


After I returned to the US in the early 80's there were some of us who
came to the office before 7AM, and we would meet in the 1st floor
coffee shop to jump-start the day. Ray knew something about everything.
Really enjoyed talking with him.

Bill McBride

I remember working alongside Ray Fisher.

- Jim Nash 53
GSI Marine (Tasman Seal) 1980 -> HGS, -> WesternGeo ->ION until ~2003
Houston, TX


Thanks for the message.  I know Ray and it is really sad news.
May his soul rest in peace !.

Sam T.