Ken Reed            11 February 2014

Just to  let  you  know,  my  father-in-law, Ken  Reed
passed away lastTuesday.

Ken  had  been battling multiple health issues and had
been in and out of hospital for the last two years. He
recently started having dialysis every two days..  But
he  really  was not strong enough to handle it and was in considerable
pain at times.  He passed in our local hospital in his sleep.   Please
pass  this  on  to  any of the old GSI people that you and he may know.
He still used to talk aboutthe good old days of GSI in Sydney..

Chris is taking it well as Ken has been high maintenance for  her  for
some time, it was a release for both of them.

Best regards,

Martin Bayly


Martin, very sorry to hear this sad news and  equally  sorry  to  hear
about his poor health these last few years. In one sense,   I can well
see how itís a relief for you and Chris.   But, no matter how you look
at it, it is sad and I hope and pray  you  all  get  the  courage  and
strength to bear this loss.

Iíll  convey  the  news  here but maybe you could put together a short
paragraph on his life and his days in  GSI/TI  and  send  it  to  Bill
Boettcher.  He  is the keeper of the web-site and will be able to post
it on-line.

Again, with heartfelt sympathies

.. Kannan