John J. Babb             23 October 2004


My uncle, John J. Babb, passed away this morning (Oct.  23,
'04) at age 89.

He was a great inspiration to me during  my  childhood  and 
career at GSI and beyond.  He was an early employee of GSI, 
circa 1933.

He  was  one of the first group for GSI in Saudi Arabia in 1937.  John 
was a pioneer in many seismic techniques, including the  ocean  bottom 
cable, for  which he achieved a patent in the late '40's, and on which 
I have accidentally based my career.

Uncle John left GSI in the early 50's as part of a group that  founded 
Delta Exploration.  My understanding is that he was the last president
of Delta, prior to the merger to become Seiscom-Delta.

Rgds, Joe  I. Sanders