Geoff Taylor              23 August 2014
Hi Guys

Just had a call from Linda who is Geoff Taylor's niece. 
Geoff had a stroke last week and did not  survive.  He 
ended up in a  hospital in the SW.  Linda is currently 
trying  to  contact  all  his  old mates. I offered to 
email all those for whom I had an  address  to  spread 
the word.  Linda's e-mail  is  lehunter@btinternet.com 

Could you please pass on the news?


Geoff Taylor worked in many deserts of the world for GSI and I met him 
in Tripoli in 1966.  After retiring, he bought a wooden  hulled  yacht 
and  sailed  back  and  forth across the Atlantic.  I guess it was the 
nearest  thing to a desert that he could find.  He was laying his boat 
up  for  the  winter  when he suffered a massive stroke and died a few 
days later on 23rd August. I had only just had a letter from  him.  He 
was 77. 

Maggie May (Ne Phillips)