Dale Lloyd Schroder      29 December 2015
Dale Lloyd Schroder  was  born  on  a  farm  in  Eddyville,
Nebraska in 1925. The family resettled in Chico, California,
where Dale went to school and worked as a bicycle  delivery
boy  for   the local pharmacy.  After graduating from Chico
High School, he went to work on an  oil  exploration  field
crew  for  Geophysical  Services Incorporated in 1944.  The
crew moved all over the western United States and to Canada,
where he met  his  wife, Allie  Solland.  After  they  were
married, they moved almost 50 times for  GSI.  He  studied Electronics
and worked his way up to Instrument Man, running the  Recording  Truck
that was the technical center of  the  process.   The  crew  collected
Seismic data, searching  for  oil, throughout  the  wilds  of  western
Canada.  About  four  years later, they were transferred to the United
States, to Cody, Wyoming where their daughter Joanne was born.  He was
promoted to Party Chief and the family moved to  California,  Colorado,
Montana, back to Wyoming, New Mexico, and Utah.  When the  Instruments
division of GSI grew into Texas Instruments, Dale was  transferred  to
their Dallas headquarters in 1962 to learn more about those new things
called computers. When TI opened  a  data  processing  center  in  New
Orleans, Dale was sent there to help set it up.  He was transferred to
Houston  in  1964.  A few years later, the couple was blessed with the
baby boy they had been hoping for, for so long. As TI  grew, Dale  was
transferred one more time, from the SW Freeway Data Processing  Center
out to their Stafford complex. He was with TI for over 40 years.

Dale was preceded in death by his beloved wife Allie Schroder and  his
younger sister Norma. He is survived by his daughter Joanne Owens, his
son David Schroder, his granddaughter Courtney Marie Schroder, and two
Great Granddaughters, Zoe Schroder Cox and Kylie Schroder Cox.

A funeral service will be held at Earthman Bellaire  Funeral  Home  on
Wednesday  December  30th  at 10:00 am and burial at Woodlawn cemetery

Dale was a great guy. I met Dale in Cody when the crew moved there..
I was working at the Frontier gas station the crew used.  He and Ted
Sherman convinced me that I would enjoy working for GSI.   Forty years
later I was still sure they were right. They were just two of the great
people I met and worked with all those years and all those places.

Bob Nebel.
Corinth/Denton Texas